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If You’re Doing Business Online… It Pays to Listen to the Experts!

Our reputation as online marketing experts grows daily. With years of experience, we have helped hundreds of satisfied clients to multiply the revenues they generate online.

The knowledge and experience we offer our clients was gained in the trenches, not the text books. Eleview International competes daily on the internet through a number of commercial websites that it owns and operates.

You can forget theories, trail and error and potentially costly guesswork. Let us apply proven techniques and our extensive real-world knowledge gained in over a decade of successful online operations to  help you market your products or services online.

Is your message and selling proposition as strong as your product?

In a competitive online marketplace, your site’s written content and presentation can make all the difference. It must grab the visitor’s attention, maintain interest as it builds desire for your offer that results in the desired action.

Clear and compelling content is essential. We can critique and evaluate the quality and selling power of your existing text, or one of our professional copywriters can generate the results-driven copy that you need to succeed.     

We provide:

  • Consulting in Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Creating online marketing plans & strategies
  • Execution and monitoring of online marketing campaigns
  • Selection, set-up & installation and support for online analytics tools
  • Marketplace testing to insure maximum ROI
  • Planning, set-up & support for affiliate programs
  • Site content evaluation and professional copywriting

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08/01/21 VitalShip.com - 3PL cloud system.
02/01/20 New design for www.cyber-florist.com - Send Flowers Worldwide.
02/01/09 www.thecmss.org
The Cleveland Music School Settlement
Educational institution web site redesign and CMS.
06/01/08 STACK.COM
High School Sports
Social Networking,
09/15/07 Sports-Network.com
Indoor Soccer fields
in North Virginia.
06/29/07 Mymuscisource.com
Buy, and Sell
music on-line
web site is launched.
06/02/06 Lbrgroup.com
day traders get new
online collaboration
05/29/06 Ticketlatino.com
Buy tickets system
is launched.
05/01/05 AdJacket.com
On-Line collaboration
and project managemnt
is up and running.
08/01/03 Estarland.com
leader in Online Video Games Sales.

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Ho to manage your site

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increase your reach.

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