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Eleview International Inc. provides customized web-based solutions to client companies seeking to move critical business processes online. Companies seeking to streamline online operations find that Eleview has the expertise and experience to develop and integrate even the most complex online operations. We build, integrate and maintain a wide range of IT solutions from content and document management systems to custom desk-top and web-based software.

Since 1996, we have designed and developed numerous web solutions for our clients that increase productivity and help insure their long-term success. Our unique qualifications and broad experience produces innovative results and high levels of satisfaction to our valued clients.   

“Front Line” Experience - Insures Successful Results

Eleview has developed, owns and operates numerous online enterprises that generate real revenues on a daily basis. Few consulting and outsourcing companies have created “their own” winning track records within highly-competitive, online global markets.

The Eleview International team understands the business process. Our experience allows us to apply well-developed methodology to your unique situation. We know what it takes to be successful and can help you reach your goals using the newest information technologies for both internet and intranet systems.

Is making money on the internet your primary objective?

We excel in building revenue generating websites!  We will build you a custom soultoion based on our proven technologies.

Advantage of our custom solutions

Our core Site Platform Content Management System - SiteVIz is customized to meet the requirements of each project and serves as a dynamic, flexible platform for future growth and expansion. The main benefit of our custom approach is its great flexibility.

We  address and incorporate specific business requirements tailoring a final product to meet our client's specific needs and goals. Our systems power dozens of successful web sites that often include a number of standard, optional and custom-built components.  

Available modules include:

  • Content Management System
  • Document Management 
  • Members and Group Management
  • eCommerce
  • Orders Tracking
  • Inventory Tracking
  • Custom Reporting
  • Mass Mailing Engine
  • Advanced Scheduler
  • Statistics and Reporting
  • Advanced Chat
  • Screen Sharing and On-line Collaboration
  • Forums, blogs 
  • Affiliate Program
  • Banner, and ead management
  • On-line stats
  • and more

As an alternative to a custom solution, open source applications can be tailored and integrated to offer wider pools of resources for future maintenance and expansion.

Contact us to request a demo of our site platform and content management system and to receive more information about solutions provided by Eleview International Inc.

08/01/21 VitalShip.com - 3PL cloud system.
02/01/20 New design for www.cyber-florist.com - Send Flowers Worldwide.
02/01/09 www.thecmss.org
The Cleveland Music School Settlement
Educational institution web site redesign and CMS.
06/01/08 STACK.COM
High School Sports
Social Networking,
09/15/07 Sports-Network.com
Indoor Soccer fields
in North Virginia.
06/29/07 Mymuscisource.com
Buy, and Sell
music on-line
web site is launched.
06/02/06 Lbrgroup.com
day traders get new
online collaboration
05/29/06 Ticketlatino.com
Buy tickets system
is launched.
05/01/05 AdJacket.com
On-Line collaboration
and project managemnt
is up and running.
08/01/03 Estarland.com
leader in Online Video Games Sales.

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Ho to manage your site

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increase your reach.

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