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Eleview’s information technology department provides IT consulting, web design, software development, integration and business development consultation services for companies worldwide. Our IT department also supports Eleview's own software needs and E-commerce projects. See Services, Solutions, Clients in the Products section of this web site.

E-commerce Department

Among many of the company’s on-line enterprises, Eleview owns and operates an international flower and gift delivery vehicle.

Service Network Cyber-Florist (CF).

Cyber-FLorist flower and gift delivery, mail forwarding service has been operating since 1997. Cyber-Florist is the first delivery service of such kind that was formed in Russia and Former Soviet Union (FSU). Our motto from the first day of operation is that we can deliver flowers, gifts, messages to any address in the Former USSR. Nowdays, Cyber-Florist provides services to any country around the world. Hundreds of  Russian, and International florists, gift services are able to provide their clients with delivery services to any country around the world using Cyber-Florist.

CF  is an exclusive service managed from Eleview’s headquarters in Springfield, Virginia USA. With our central processing office is in Ekaterinburg, Russia, we pride ourselves in having accumulated a great amount of experience in this field and seek to insure customer satisfaction through our customer service center that functions 24 hours per day, 7 days a week. We have served thousands of clients and successfully fulfilled more than 100000 orders.

Our online presence consist of three web sites:
www.cyber-florist.com  is an English language version made especially for people outside Russia, (FSU) targeted fro Russian and FSU.
www.cyber-florist.ru  is a Russian language version of services made for customers from Russia, and FSU
www.cyber-florist.com - International flower and gifts delievry not targeted for any specific country.

We are constantly working on how to improve our style and quality of work.

CF serves the world 24X7.

08/01/21 VitalShip.com - 3PL cloud system.
02/01/20 New design for www.cyber-florist.com - Send Flowers Worldwide.
02/01/09 www.thecmss.org
The Cleveland Music School Settlement
Educational institution web site redesign and CMS.
06/01/08 STACK.COM
High School Sports
Social Networking,
09/15/07 Sports-Network.com
Indoor Soccer fields
in North Virginia.
06/29/07 Mymuscisource.com
Buy, and Sell
music on-line
web site is launched.
06/02/06 Lbrgroup.com
day traders get new
online collaboration
05/29/06 Ticketlatino.com
Buy tickets system
is launched.
05/01/05 AdJacket.com
On-Line collaboration
and project managemnt
is up and running.
08/01/03 Estarland.com
leader in Online Video Games Sales.

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